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Friday, July 29, 2011

Medicare D...playing games

I was so excited to get my new medicine approved by my doctors!  Hold on, Congress holds the money for Medicare D and the insurance provider's aren't taking any chances by the looks of it.

For 2 days I've tried to reach WellCare a division of  Walgreens, my Medicare D provider. When they didn't answer the customer Service line I tried the Provider Line. Looks like both lines are shut down for now. That means I can't get the new medicine or even the old medicine. Guess they are afraid they won't get paid.

For now I was able to get the Prednisone and Pain medicine filled and that will have to hold me over until Congress stops playing games and gets on with it! It's not the Social Security checks that will bring down people, it's the lack of medicine, those who have cancer, diabetis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and many other painful or life threatening diseases.

This President and 80% of both sides of Congress need to be put out to pasture. How could they let this happen to the people? If your listening.....I CAN'T WALK DUE TO THE LACK OF THE PROPER MEDICINE..I'M IN TERRIBLE PAIN..AWFUL PAIN..HORRIBLE PAIN, and now because you have played games with the peoples money, spent it like drunken sailors, I will have to kill my liver and heart with Prednisone. This is not the AMERICA, the UNITED STATES that I was born into.


Rita said...

Bea, this kind of thing just makes me so mad. That you are suffering at hands of those who were greedy and took what did not belong to them. That is how I see it. I am furious because without the right medication you will not feel well enough to do what you enjoy or what needs to be done. I am sorry this has happened. I hope that soon you will hear from them and can obtain the right medication.

Sherry said...

I am tired of it! I think we need to get the tar, feathers, and rails out again!!!

ALL of them are idiots. And we elect them!! Can't win for losing.

shawkl said...

Hopefully all will work out. I imagine that the Medicare lines are swamped with folks worried about getting their medicines. I'm so hoping it will all work out.