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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Dave's working hours have changed everything in the house. Dinner is now at noon and he packs his sandwich for his evening meal at work. He's found the area he is taking his certifications in is just too far away from the main area and he likes sitting outside to eat. Since he leaves at 1:pm and doesn't get home until midnight I have found myself starting dinner at 9:am..rolling out of bed to prepare and cook.

Today I decided to cook tomorrow's dinner so all I'll have to do is heat it up. Of course I'll have to peel potatoes for mashed and whip up some cream for the pie, but that I can handle.

I made stuffed peppers and strawberry pie...I had to taste the pie just to make sure it was good and sweet!


Sherry said...

Most definitely yes! If one must sacrifice oneself for the betterment of mankind to make sure that there was not a poisonous strawberry in the pie. Sigh. What we do for our children.

Sherry said...

BTW, it all looks GOOD!

Rita said...

It sure does look good! You are doing a great job of making all the adjustments it takes when the job time changes. Things can sure feel strange for a while.

shawkl said...

Think he'd miss just one more piece? Could you mail me some? Oh, and slide a stuffed pepper in there too!! Your cooking was so good when I visited...I'd love to have some more!!! HUGS!!!

Scraps said...

Hi Miss Bea,

I have missed you on the board and so here I am. I am so sorry you are feeling so bad and I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. You don't deserve RA and Hep C. I will pray for you every night. God Bless you,

Kim amiyoko