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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Still Waiting....

Not sure just what Congress did, but they did continue paying Medicare for now. Of course, I'm still waiting and looks like that might continue since they are way behind in filling drug requests.

I've tried to be quiet with my suffering but I can't control crying out in my sleep. The very last thing I wanted to do was wake Dave up after the long hours he's working. He can't do anything for me right now. I just have to keep taking pain killers and wait. But early this morning I woke him and I feel really bad about that.

This morning I lost it on a young fellow at the insurance company. I know he was reading from a program to handle people who are demanding attention and they won't give any. I just don't think the smart ass attitude goes too well with people who are suppose to be dealing with sick people. After he repeated for the 6th time that I need to read the booklet provided to me in January, I lost it. You mean the 150 page book, I asked. Fellow, you apparently have never suffered extreme pain. You can't think, focus on anything but the pain, your vision is blurred from it..NO, I haven't read it and don't intend to READ it.  The out break might have put me on the bottom of the list of unfilled prescriptions.

Some day this fellow will be looking in the eyes of his mother, sister, wife, child who is crying out for help while an insurance company youngin almost laughs on the other end of the phone. Only then will he know how desparate I am. I hope when the day comes for him, he remembers back to his own lack of compassion. He might even find himself dealing with horrible pain and know he could get rid of it if only someone got the medicine filled and sent out to him.

Dave got me some supplies for quilting to try and help me get through this. Under the influence of Vicodin I set out a few days ago to put together a cute Halloween table runner. It's for me so it doesn't have to be perfect, it's just one of those projects that will sit on the table and everyone will say it's cute and never look at the quilting. I have to say it has helped. I watched 2 movies and can't tell you anything about them, but this little project for some reason is going together pretty quick and I'm even enjoying doing it.

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Rita said...

This is just infuriating and so wrong. You should not be suffering. There is no excuse for you to be ignored when in pain. If I were there I'd take you to every Dr. office in town and sit you in the waiting room and each nurse that came out would listen to your pain. We'd get some results or else.

When I was younger my friend down the street had two babies and bad case of flu that had been going on for two weeks. The doctor's office refused to see her. I said to her you will be seen. I called the clinic and like usual they didn't want her to come in and spread the flu. I called back and said we are coming in. Do you want us in the front or the back. They said the back and I went up and pounded on that door until they let us in. She was oh so sick getting weaker by the moment. I stood right there in her room and they gave her a shot and told her what to do and we got the perscription filled on the way home. It still makes me furious to think that a young mom could barely stand up and yet they couldn't see her.

There just has to be a way to speed up this medication process. I just don't know what it is. Until then, I'll pray that the pain lets up.