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Monday, July 18, 2011

Trips are exhausting!

I think I'm almost ready for the Pittsburgh trip, but will I have the strength to get on the plane! I went through my check list: wash, ironing, packing, moping, change the linens and cook.

I just popped the chicken for Wednesday's dinner in the roaster and that leaves veggies to bake tomorrow. I made lunch box cupcakes and graham cracker pudding cups. If I'm lucky I'll get my hair and nails done tomorrow and a long nap before being picked up by the yellow cab at 4:am Wednesday.

I hope I'll bring a miracle home but if not, at least I plan on bringing home some good Italian breads and baked goods! 

Dave likes his chicken hot and spicy

And then there is the "reminder lists" so I don't have to call home!

Forgot to mention we spent Sunday looking at neighborhoods and houses. We are leaning toward an area called Helotes, kind of pricey but safety is the main factor and it looks like we'll have to pay a price for that. There is an old time cowboy bar in Helotes where Willy Nelson started out. They told us he sometimes does a Saturday that would be fun.


Sherry said...

Have a safe trip!

I'm praying for that miracle for you!!!

Rita said...

I have to smile at your plans when I read your profile. You needed time to rest and reflect when you wrote it. I'm not sure you've had that time but you sure have accomplished a lot. I am praying for your medication to make you feel oh so much better.

shawkl said...

Oh, I so hope that Pittsburgh does the trick! And the house hunt sounds promising! Love you both!

Rita said...

I thought your food looked yummy! I have been so bad about cooking. We seem to go out once a day and have a snack for the other meal and that's it in this hot weather. And here you are cooking away all kinds of wonderful things. Makes me feel a bit ashamed of myself.