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Saturday, February 6, 2010


Damn this horrible Snow. Who needs 2 feet on top of all that we still have. I was in no mood this morning for anyone to say anything nice. Every inch of my body hurt as I slide onto my stair climber to decend for my morning coffee. The pain in my hips brought me to tears as I slide onto the seat of my power chair.
As I sat by the kitchen table looking out at this horrible white blanket so deep the 4 foot fence now looked like it was 2 feet high, I saw 3 children off in the distance across the fields rolling a huge snowball.

The human mind is a wonderful thing! Anger and hateful feelings gave way to the memories of childhood past. I could almost hear them laughing as they tried to roll the second snowball on top of the first. I closed my eyes for a look into the past. I could see myself running across the fields with a carrot in hand and buttons jingling in my pocket. I could feel the bite of the snow on my cheeks.

When I opened my eyes I saw a mother trudging through the snow with a scarf blowing in her hands..awww, the glory of a mother adding the final touch to this master piece.

As I slid back onto the seat of the stair climber the thought of pain was covered with the feelings of the site I had just seen and the memories of my own childhood. This grouchy old gal will think twice with her damn snow thoughts in the future knowing the delight it once brought her and now brings to those children who are out there rolling snowballs with great excitment when mother wraps the scarf around the neck of Mr. Snowman.


Rita said...

Would we have paid closer attention to what was happening when the children were young if we had known that the memories sustain us during our aching, sad times now? How they change a frown to a smile even when we hurt. I hope you are feeling better each day.

Tom H said...

Yep, When I played with the grandkids and now the Flower Girls next door, my wife reminds me that "Memories are being made".

Shogun said...

Is that you making a tiny snowman? I have an almost identicaly photo of my daughter making a tiny snowman out in the front of the house years ago.