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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Backstairs at the White House

I recently had Christmas money to spend on Amazon so I began looking through the movies they had to offer. The winters in North Western Pennsylvania are harsh and having some movies on hand is always a good idea.
Over the years I often wondered why TV would show so many not so good re runs when I clearly remembered several that I had enjoyed and seemed to be lost somewhere in a studio's backroom.

One of those I remembered was Backstairs at the White House. Some thirty years ago I remembered rushing home from work to feed my boys, do homework with them and get them off to bed so I would be free to sit and watch this TV mini series. The real memories of a White House maid that had turned into a book and was now being shown on NBC.

I was surprised when I typed the words into the Amazon search and it came up with a set of 4 DVD's. A bit pricey at almost $50.00, but I decided to treat myself to this memory of history mixed with good entertainment.

With yesterday's blizzard blowing outside my window, I opened the set of DVD's and set down to watch the first one. The set takes you for a ride in history seen through the eyes of a White House maid and her daughter over 52 years and 8 presidents. I read in the campanion guide that comes with the DVD's that the next First Lady after the book was written, Jacquelyn Kennedy, as a condition of employment, had the staff sign an agreement to not write about their memories of service to the White House.

Just as I remembered 30 years ago, I became so interested in the story that I couldn't wait for the next episode. Of course now, I didn't have to wait for next week to see it, so I didn't. I spent most of the day watching all 4 parts, enjoying each for it's story and a look into the worries of the Presidents of the past as each came and went.

If you were a child in the late 1970's or missed this story, it's well worth the cost of the DVD's.


Rhonda said...

Greetings Holee. I remember this series myself. Like you, I hadn't seen it in "years" but I do remember one of the scenes that touched me...when one of the maids came back after retiring but still thought she was supposed to be there. I think that was one of the scenes.
Thanks for reminding me. Take care.

Holee said...

Oh Rhonda, that was one scene, but there were so many that brought tears to my eyes. The things that woman had to except, a 16 yr. old going in the army, a daughter with polio and living on $20. a month White House pay. I did nothing today again...I watched them all over again!

tisme said...

I am glad you found something that kept your mind off of all this crappy snow! Maybe March will be better.

Rita said...

I have not watched this series and I'm going to see if the library has it. How are you? It has been awhile since you have written a post. Just know you are missed.