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Friday, February 5, 2010

Ready to send these quilts off to Sunny California!

Overnight I lost my space to take a hanging photo. That space is now full of boxes with parts for the well. I had to use my bed for the photo's and take them in sections so the ladies could see their 6 1/2 inch blocks on the side borders.

In the past when I asked for blocks, I got so many 12 1/2 inch blocks that it would have been impossible to use them all. This time I asked for a mix of 12 & 6 inch blocks. This worked out really well. I am left with 2 blocks which will be used to make the labels very special.

Now to package them up and see if I can get them to the post office with this huge snow storm that just started an hour ago. Soon they will be taking a vacation in Sunny Calif. with the longarm quilter. Maybe when they return they'll bring some of that nice weather with them! The binding will most likely be red. Thanks again Ladies from HGTV for making these quilts possible!

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