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Saturday, December 26, 2009

More surprises from Kathy

This was not the usual fun Holiday, very little baking went on because I couldn't find my baking gear and my heart just wasn't in it. Then I got into a terrible state of sickness on Christmas Eve and all day Christmas which didn't help with the cheerful celebration we usually have.
To add to that, the dog, who is up there with me in age and health, ran after his new Christmas ball and injured his leg, keeping us up all last night.

Yesterday I got a call from Kathy. She didn't see me post about the gifts she sent to me and thought I might be "mad" about them. Now, when I got time to think this over it made me wonder what she could have sent that I wouldn't like???? hmmm

Today is starting out better. Dog gave us a huge smile and tail wag because he does not want to get out of the Van and see the we are just going to baby him and allow him to heal on his own. That now gives me the chance to try and celebrate Christmas today!

We had our late breakfast and set down to open gifts. Kathy has not been to my house or she would have known not to worry! Something happened in my childhood that now makes me surround myself with dolls, doll houses, old toys, doll clothing and anything else that suits me, without any guilt at all!

So Kathy, I set out to open the big box you were worried about. Here she is! I don't have any that work with batteries. After watching her move and coo, I headed for the hall where I have the most beautiful victorian Christening gown and bonnet that she will look just perfect in...but I had forgotten we stacked 20 sheets of drywall against the closet her new outfit will have to wait..She has a new name...Kathy!

The next gift from Kathy was beautiful fabric's in blue

Most likely the gift that I will wear out is this cherry stone filled pad that you heat up. It's covered in soft gentle flannel and came from Pennsylvania!

Thanks a bunch Kathy! Dave is on the computer searching Ala., Miss., and Lou. for Jobs on the site you gave him. Maybe the day will come when I can invite you to a "real" house and you can see all my babies!


shawkl said...

That would be great! I'd love to see you, Dave, your "buddy", and all of your dolls and doll houses! When I saw that this doll "breathed" and was life like...I immediately thought of you. I know you'd just love to make fancy clothes and blankies for her...and give her a loving home. So, of course, I had to get her!

I'm glad you liked the other gifts as well, I just couldn't stop once I got started!! I think I might have some sort of compulsive behavior...when it comes to spending money! ROFL!! Good thing my last name isn't Rockefeller (sp) or that family would be known for being broke instead of rich!!

Life is good when you can share it with friends! Hugs, Kathy.

Glad you and your 4-legged friend are feeling better today. :)

Shogun said...

What a great gift.

Hope the doggie's leg heals fast and I also you are feeling much better now.

We had a very green and wet Christmas here. I always like snow, but I guess it isn't that important.