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Friday, January 8, 2010

This must be my year

I'm trying to pull myself out of depression, the house, the snow and what it does to me when it gets cold. I sat looking out the window as the skies dumped more snow on the already 20 + inches we have.

Yesterday I saw the mail girl put a box in the mailbox that sits across the road. I knew I would have to wait for my son to bring in the mail..the next day. Tonight I was feeling pretty poorly but when the box was brought inside, it was just too much to wait until I felt better.

The box came from Talia, a friend on HGTV. I can't imagine why I got so many wonderful gifts this year. All those old superstitions from my German relatives are swirling around. Maybe this is my last party, but I won't think about that right now, I'll think about that tomorrow. (Thanks for that line, Scarlett)

When I look at the quilting tools I have, it wonders me how I get anything put together! I've had the same small rotary cutter, that I got at a yard sale, for many years. My embroidery scissors is a kids $1.00 school scissors I got at walmart. I've bought many good tools but gifted them all. Thanks to Talia, I now have the Queen of rotary cutters and my son got me the queen of embroidery scissors.

Talia made wonderful gift bags and filled them with all kinds of embroidery thread, Plus boxes of special DMC threads.

Beads and tassels

A very special package of her tatted pieces

To top off all the wonderful quilting items, she sent furniture for my doll house. Besides the cute bedroom furniture there is everything from a porch swing to a ceramic sink and mirro. The lights are electric and of course there is a sewing machine!
THANKS TALIA, what a treat! I've never felt so special! Now we all have to get together and use some of this wonderful thread!

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Shogun said...

You deserve all those great items. Talia is a super sweetie too.

Talia's tatting is so beautiful. I was trying to see the tiny sewing machine and that little candelabra is great.

Are you in a snow belt?

I am so looking forward to seeing you and Talia and all the others in Columbus!