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Monday, December 14, 2009

Best Friends

When I was a child I was told that "someday" you will have people you call your best friends. I've waited a life time having friends leave when I needed them most and realizing they really were not "Best Friends" at all.

It took me to be almost 65 to know what a real best friend is, and now I have several. It just seems when I am down and feeling pretty alone, along comes a best friend who warms my heart and makes it all better.

All through the year Donna,, has been my best friend. We have never met but emails have served us in forming a friendship. She just seems to pop up when I need a cyber hug!

Today I heard the mail girl pounding on the door and calling my name. When I finally got down the stairs there she stood smiling from ear to ear with a HUGE box. Not that gifts make a friendship, but when the gifts have been handmade you know it was gifted in friendship and love. Thank you so much Donna!
This is a wonderful Post it board that will get tons of use! I am hoping to cover it with photos of all my new "best friends"
I know what these are for but they will not go on the oven in this house. Instead they will live in my sewing room where I can enjoy them. The package is from the fat Quarter shop in beautiful colors and the slippers are fit for Santa, made in a velvet type fabric.


quiltbea said...

You're a lucky lady to have such a good friend, even tho you've never met.
Some of my closest friends are board friends.
I'm glad she's been there for you when you needed her.
The goodies you got were an added bonus.

Shogun said...

Sounds like a friendship meant to be.

I agree. I have friends who are so far away or ones that I just met who were "there" for me when I needed them... and geographically close friends and long time friends who left when they were needed. My high school daughter has discovered that there aren't really any "great" best friends in high school and I keep telling her she'll meet some as she gets older and I sure hope she does.

everythingquilts said...

Bea, I never dreamed that someone I have never met would be so dear to me, but I knew from the first time we talked that you were very special. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of you. There's nothing that I would love more then to get to meet you. We've been talking about taking a trip up to meet you :)
The whole time I was making the slippers I thought about you jingling around in them, and it put a smile on my face,LOL. All year long, I have been wanting to make you some more baby birds and am sorry that I didn't get those done. I hope you and Dave have a safe and Happy Holiday this year.
One more thing I have to tell you, the wish I made on the pearl came true, can you believe it.