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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Not much to offer

This week should go a lot better. The packing is almost finished which will give me some time for sewing and other stuff.

My son gave me a new camera for my birthday that I have no idea how to use, so I'll be trying it out this week and posting something!

I did start a new blog. After posting about our President on this blog I decided I wanted a place to post things that might not go along with Quilting & cooking and happy things.

I started the new blog out with a nice story, but the things I post won't always be so nice. They will be the things that bother me, not only about the President but about life in today's world.

So if you want to take a look at the new blog, just go into my profile and click on it.

I don't like posts without photo's so here's one for ya that has nothing to do with anything!


Gina said...

Ok own up how did you get a photo of me in the mornings.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Sherry said...

I've thought about the same thing but don't want to maintain two or more blogs. So mine is about quilting, knitting, cooking, life, opinions. I try not to get on the soapbox too much.

Sam went with his brother Friday. They were gone all day and ate out three times. One of those times Sam got something that didn't agree with him. made him really, really sick. He was up and down all night...had nothing left inside him well before morning but still... He's still weak as a kitten...but feeling better.

Holee said...

You're just not at that age yet Sherry, where ya gotta get some things off your's part of my "bucket list"!

Shogun said...

I should pretend I am packing so that I will go through things and clean, weed out things I don't need any more, and just get organized.

tisme said...

Holee, I was looking for Kevins blog, but can not find it. Do you have the address?
There was a nice article in the paper the other day about him receiving the purple heart!