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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend #2 up date

Another long weekend. Rah Rah, we do have a shower! Toilet..not so good. Ran all new pipes but when we went to set the toilet it too had froze and needs to be replaced.

On to the yard. Well, it doesn't look like we made much progress, but we did! Of course, we ran over a few boards and now need to replace the mower blades next week. Stuff happens.

We are only cutting 1/2 acre. Since we are going into winter we'll just let everything die off and worry about it in the spring. The deer love it just like it is, so this winter they get a treat.

One side of the house all mulched and it's suppose to rain a lot this week, so lets hope the brown turns green!

Oh, you might wonder what boards were doing laying in all the grown up grass??? It seems they needed fire wood for the fire pit so they tore down the deck and handicap ramp. We found some of the deck in the weeds and the steps in the fire pit.

Makes me wonder why they just didn't use the stack of 50 0r so trees stacked up for the purpose of using the fire pit. Maybe they didn't have a saw??

Next weekend Dave is going away so we won't be going to the house. We have a lot of things on order anyway and they might not be in by the weekend.

When we lived in this house for 3 years, no one, not one person lifted their eyes to say hello. It was one on the biggest reasons I was glad to leave. In fact, we heard they were calling us the "carpet baggers". We didn't have "blood" in the town of less then 80 people and we were not welcome.

I have a feeling they didn't like the last neighbors they had. Maybe we weren't so bad after all?? Today a "neighbor" came and worked himself simple in 88 degree temperatures raking and hauling away grass and weeds. Since we won't be able to go to the house next weekend he offered to come and mow the lawn so it doesn't get out of hand again. He also said he might be able to get his boy scout troup to put in a day of work towards earning badges next Saturday...Gee, things might be different this time. He also said he & his wife run the senior center and maybe I would like to go with, I almost dropped over!!

The shame of it all is that we have no intention of living here. I guess you can say we are "flipping" the house. If we get it back together I hope we can sell it next year.

So, that was this weekends happenings. Now I'm off to bed for some much needed rest!

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Shogun said...

Holee - I have had the same experience in this very small rural town. I have been here 15 years now. Anyone with a blood relative here is "in", especially if they have several generations here. Outsiders are really treated differently.

Over time, we have become part of the area somewhat, but we really enjoy all of our friends who live in other towns.

Thanks for keeping us in touch with how you are doing. Let me know in the spring if you need any help with the lawns and garden - I just love flowers as you know!