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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just when I need to be able to work

Who said, "When it rains it pours"? Right now it's pouring on our parade. It's been a week of deciding how to tackle this house. Experience from our last battle with this house has taught us to move upstairs and not try to live among the dust and construction.

It all sounded good when we headed out to Home Depot to load up on supplies. No sense in fighting with walls and plumbing. We decided to just remove the walls and bring all the pipes upstairs so we don't ever run into the freezing problem again. Since ALL the pipes need replacing it just seems the easiest way to handle it.

Here are photo's from our of last battle with this house. First we had to strip away the 1970's brown paneling, then the 1930's plaster board and finally we were down to the hand cut lumber the house was made out studs, no insulation.

All the ceilings were the metal grid office type and under that was plaster board. There was also the original wiring from the 1920's and newer wiring which was not up to code.

We tried to live in the rooms while we studded it out and insulated. It was just an awful way to live!

Anyway, now that we are tuned up and ready to do it, last night I head something pop in my hip. With the disease I have it's not uncommon to get little fractures, and of course my bones chose now to get one. I don't know how much help I'll be this weekend. Today I was in awful pain but it seems to be getting better with each hour.

Anyway, I'll post when I can, but don't expect too much with all this going on. Tammy, thanks a bunch for the offer. We are just not near the stage of painting and finishing. Just getting water running again so we can move in will be a real challenge.


tisme said...

Holee, ok, just let me know the day you need me and I will be there. I get two days a week off and have a few vacation days coming too. So give a holler and I will be there.
I am so sorry about your hip. Feel better soon. Give me a call if you just want to talk or need a friendly ear.

Gina said...

I wish I lived nearer so I could help. I'm sending you positive thoughts though. Take care of yourself my friend and don't go overdoing it.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Gina said...

Me again. When you get a few minutes can you send me your new address so I can send out a house warming present.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Tom H said...

I must have missed something! You're into a huge rebuilding project on a different house???Oh well, I just checked the map, and you really are not that far from me (time wise). I'll be tied up next week, but after that, if you need an ol' experienced man to help in any way let me know.