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Thursday, December 11, 2008


Some people are just nice. You know it the second you speak to them for the first time. Nice people come from nice families, well, not all the time, but most of the time.

I met Donna on the HGTV message board and immediately knew she was nice, not the regular nice, the kind of nice that lasts forever. She has posted on her blog, some beautiful things her sister made. The Photo at the top of her site is of an oil painting her sister did, a wonderful swing on a porch. It just makes you want to sit down and stay awhile.
I don't know her sister Becky, but I knew she had to be nice just by the way these sister's interacted with each other. Today I met Becky. Not in person, but in a beautiful handmade Christmas card she sent to me with one of her tiny tatted hearts. I've never seen such exact work!
I've been saving items to made a shadow box. Old shoe hooks, a beautiful hankie, a pair of pearls, ladies gloves and a christening gown. Becky's tatted heart will be included since I could never find a project suitable for such a beautiful piece. Thank you Donna & Becky for being sweet sister's that I have been gifted to know.

Before the holiday is over I wanted to mention the link at the top of my favorite blogs list, A Cup of Christmas Tea. This is a story told by Tom Hegg. You can hear the story by going to my playlist and clicking on the 2 side by side bars on top left to turn off my music.
What seems like a long time ago, I bought this book and the tree ornament. I just loved the story.
I've noticed over the years that I am no longer the reader but have become the lame elder keeping Holiday traditions. Maybe this should make me feel sad but it doesn't. I feel like the keeper of time, joys of the past, all those memories passed on to my grandchildren and maybe their children.

I also want to mention the link to Pixie's Train Ride at the top of my favorite blog list. This is just a wonderful story about passing through life done with photo's of children. It also benefits children with Autism, written by a grandmother whose granddaughter has Autism, it is a beautiful story for all of us to consider.
Cleaning up the last thing for the day is my climb to the 100th post. I am so far behind right now and I'm sure many of you are in the same boat. You might think this holiday was a surprise I didn't know about! Next year I'll plan...are you laughing now!
I've decided to wait until February to have a give-away, when we are all sick of winter and need a spring lift! I hope you'll all watch for my February give-away.

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Tom H said...

Wow! you are coming up to 100 posts. Time does fly. I may not respond a lot, but I read every posting/entry you make. And I enjoy each one too.