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Saturday, December 27, 2008


I am not near ready to give up the Holiday's this year, but I do need to get a plan ready for the New Year.

First, if you want to know what makes life worth while, don't miss a Christmas Miracle on my friends blog:

I only have a few weeks left to finish the quilt in a bag. I've decided not to finish the story until the quilt is in the hands of it's ower..but, I will give one more peek. This quilt has taken off in several different paths along the way. It's hard to get an entire story into 20 x 20 inches!

To finish up with 2008, I have 6 Thank you gifts that I am working on, 5 wall hangings & one special gift of a very sweet lady. When I get enough done on these I'll post a peek of them.
I can't forget my blog 100 post give-away in February and I am also working on 3 gifts for the Pay it forward. Since no one signed up for it, I decided to make 3 items and post them...maybe that will entice 3 of you??

There is also a special little girl who will be needing a few surprises this spring/summer. I pulled a Barbie from my collection for this project. This is not a new Barbie with botox lips and enough makeup to put her in line as a bar fly. Nope, this Barbie is from a gentle time. She has a sweet smile & dimples in her cheeks. She is from the romantic movie star series.. Scarlett O'Hara, dressed in her famous green gown and straw bonnet.

Last year I made my granddaughter a shoe box full of outfits for a special Barbie and that's the road this one will take. She will get a camping outfit along with a sleeping bag and back pack, a 50's dress and apron, poodle skirt, and several other outfits to turn her into play doll. As I make each outfit I'll give you all a look at them.


Tom H said...

Dang Holee, You're one busy gal! Always doing so much for others. Don't forget yourself too. I have a goal this next year. It's to try and be a bit more giving to help or at least provide some fun for others. Maybe be just a bit more like you in that regard.

Holee said...

Tom, I think you are already a pretty swell person. You helped me out!

The reason I am so busy is because I always have a lot of people to thank for stepping up to the plate when I ask for help! It always makes me feel so good when someone says, "Sure I'll help you"..people are great!

Rhonda said...

Hi there. You reminded me of my Barbie days. I use to play with Barbie & Ken for hours. Those were the days. Take care and Have a Happy New Year!.

Shogun said...

Holee -


Scarlett O'Hara is one of my favorites and I love hearing about all of your projects!


Linda said...

Thank you for posting the link to your friends blog so we could read the Christmas miracle concerning her granddaughter and also to add her family to our prayers!
Your peek of the quilt in a bag really makes me want to see more! Beautiful!
You are so talented and just... just plain amazing! Thank you for the inspiration you give to us all, but especially me! :)