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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I have a fabric stash that I call "unknown." These purchases were made on the internet for projects but when the fabric arrived, it was never the color I thought I had purchased. I have about 15 yards of different PURPLES that I ordered as BLUE, yards of ORANGE I thought was PINK and so on.

When you get older you don't complain about these mistakes because you figure it's your vision.I keep telling myself to get an examination & new, not scratched glasses but that hasn't happened yet.

Last night I heard my son making some noise upstairs but I was interested in watching a Christmas show. At bedtime he followed me into my room. I saw a big box in the corner and thought he was beginning to store his ebay stuff in my room now. I never noticed what it was sitting on top of, duh, my old computer monitor. As I turned to ask him what this box was doing in my room, he was grinning from ear to ear. And then I saw the surprise! He had hooked up my Christmas gift! A 20 inch flat screen Acer!

After surfing for a while I realized BLUE was not PURPLE! I can't believe the difference! So, it was not my aging eyes but the aging screen that had added so many unwanted yards of ugly colored fabric to the unknown stash! THANK YOU DAVE! I LOVE IT!

Now, onto today's cookie baking. Most of the recipes I use come from my 8th grade cooking book that looks like it's been through a war! I do have to laugh at how they were set on making us into "perfect housewives" back in 1957. I can just see the kids of today scratching their head at the directions in this book! Most of the recipes call for "fat or lard", a no no in today's world. There is also a full page on the benefits of saving bacon drippings to be used at a later time!

But, the cookies just come out so great from this old book. Today I made chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies. I also took the advise in the book to not waste the time in the kitchen waiting for each batch to I cooked up some apple sauce while I waited!


tisme said...

lol, with you Holee. I keep saying it is my glasses too. I know I am not getting OLDER, it is just my eyes. I will be 51 in just a few weeks!! The cookies look great. And what a great present from your son. NOW, you can get the right color of fabrics.

Linda said...

Those cookies look wonderful! So glad you are now able to see the colors - a new monitor really changes things! I have a stash of blue/purples for the same reason!! lol
Happy cooking!