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Monday, November 10, 2008

Snow, hot chocolate and lots of mail!

I woke this morning not feeling well at all. This happens when it's damp & cold. It didn't take much to explain why I felt so poorly. Looking out the sewing room window from my bed, I could see snow flakes falling. I was such a grouch all the way down the stairs, the poor dog hung his head and disappeared behind the sofa. This called for action! Heating from the inside out always helps so I cooked up some nice Hot Chocolate.

I grabbed the mail off the porch and wrapped up in a cozy quilt to enjoy opening it while I sipped my chocolate.

The first package I saw came from Tom at the quilting & carving blog. He has loaned me a knife and is giving me long distance instructions on carving a face. I really needed to learn something new to keep the mind working and for those hot July days when you don't want to deal with yards of fabric. I figure I can sit by the river behind my house in the shade and practice this art.

The second package I opened was a surprise from my HGTV friend, everythingquilts. I fell in love with this crazy quilt bird ornament she had posted and she gifted it to me! She also sent me some girlie scents and nice girlie supplies for my office. The little bird is a treasure that will be saved along with other handmade ornies that my sons and grands have made through the years. THANKS DONNA

Also in the mail today was Amy's package for the Bag Swap. Wow! For someone who said she likes brown's her choice of fabric's for this swap doesn't reflect that! It's a good thing too because the image I have for this little quilt calls for all those brights! THANKS AMY!


Tom H said...

Glad the package arrived. Now just be carvful. But remember it's fun. Quiltin and carvin - it don't get much better that this!

everythingquilts said...

I seen this tutorial for making a easy peasy doll house Christmas tree. I instantly thought of your cute doll house that you decked out for the Holidays. I hope this link works in the comment section, will see.

Amy a.k.a. dragonryder4 said...

Hey sweetie,
Your package to me arrived safe and sound yesterday . I've tryed to e-mail you several times but yahoo's giving me fits :( :( Thank you so much for the potholder and oven mitt they are just way to cute !!!