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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas busy!

I haven't tackled any of the sewing for a few days because this old house is just too cold! If I make it through this winter, I will not be living here next winter for sure!

I'm finding it hard to decorate this year. After leaving a huge victorian where I could have had a 10' tree in every room I am left to decorate a house that the whole thing would fit into the kitchen of the last house.

I have so many cute things and no place to put them. I started to pull out the trains and gave up. We collect G gage, large trains, there is just no place to set them up this year. But I did dig in and try to set up the things I really love. I'll add photo's to this post as I go along.

Of course there are the dolls. Can't have Christmas without Granny making cookies. I use to have a 6' server I displayed them on, but I am reduced to the top of my double school desk..a squeeze, but at least I can enjoy them. The stove is an old salesman sample. It weighs about 75 pounds. I wouldn't have wanted to be the salesman who had to carry that around! Also my wood dolls. These are just too cute to leave in storage so out they came.

Talking about wood, the wooden Santa on the tree is a gift from a special person in Vancouver Washington for a very special person in the south...I'll be shipping that one and some others very soon. I wanted to get one in a photo for my own memory or people's generosity.

We can't have a village without the North Pole and Santa's house!

Dept. 56 stage coach is another of my favorite holiday items so this also had to come out of storage.

The merry go round had to come out, it's my favorite! It lights up, plays music & the horses go up and down.

Many of the figures are lead from many years ago. All the skaters and the sleigh & horse, and ma & pa sitting on the park bench.


Gina said...

Beautiful ornaments.

love and hugs Gina xx

Tom H said...

Hey Bea! Got another carved wood Christmas tree ornament to send ya, to resend south. This is from a carver in our little group.

everythingquilts said...

Bea, your Christmas decor is so nostalgic. Really gives you the holiday spirit. I really hate to hear how cold your home is, did the insulting not help much? If it gets too cold you're mighty welcome to come spend those winter months here in Georgia. You can look at it like a vacation. I have a extra room, right next to the sewing room, and don't mind sharing any of it with you. I even have a spare computer for you. So, not to worry about me hogging this one. Don't think I'm kidding, if you get too cold give me a call, or email me. We'd love to have you.

Holee said...

Donna, I don't think I've ever had anyone make such a nice offer!

My son is spending the weekend putting in zoned electric heat & doors on all the rooms so I can close one room off and turn the electric heat on. These 100 yr old houses were not meant to have modern heat, it just doesn't work. Lets see how this works.

I guess you can tell I love to decorate for Christmas! I have 2 ft. trees in every room with all my special ornaments on from years your bird has been added!