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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Inside Santa's house

I did the best I could to show you the inside of the Santa House. Some photo's are blurry.
The angel on the tree. This is the train under the tree and the bird cage in the toy room. One elf "checks the list".

The kitchen with brass cookware and wooden phone. Another elf at work.

This is hard to make out. The cat has a stocking and the elf is trying to get it back.
More kitchen, one elf sweeps. There is a silver plated tea set on the fireplace and a victrola.

This elf is painting a house at the work bench. I hand rolled all those ribbons.

Santa's bedroom. The elf is holding up a candy cane so the cat can't get it.

Today's photo of the hill....all gone to fall..a cold look at winter to come.

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tisme said...

Thanks for the photos, Holee They are awesome. I bet it beyond belief to see it in person. You have a tremendous amount of patience to do the things you did on that. I hope it goes somewhere, someday where lots of people can see it! I bet it would look great anywhere.
Fantastic job!!!