Bee's Hive

Saturday, November 29, 2008


The weekend after Thanksgiving would have been the visit to Santa. We would have been lined up like soldiers in Gimbels Department Store in Philadelphia. I don't know why no adult had the sense to take off our coats & leggins but I can remember, 60 years later, the heat under my wool leggins & how itchy they felt.

What a magical day as you inched your way to the stairs that led to Santa! I can still hear the noise of the train display running, children crying out at all the amazing toys on display. Then you found yourself at the stairs. Just the site of him sitting in his gold chair made all that you were going to ask for slip away. I most likely walked away thinking of the Toni doll or tin tea set with the dutch girl on it that I wanted with my gift from Santa of a very sticky candy cane clutched in my hand.


lani said...

Thank you for bringing back such fond memeories

tisme said...

Hope you are doing well Bea,Thank you so much for the needlebook and for the Russian doll! I love the little doll. I am already getting my needles ready to put into the needlebook. It is going to be my embroidery needle book. I will put my little doll at the top of my tree beside the crocheted Santa and Mrs Claus that my mom got me years and years ago. I will treasure it always.

everythingquilts said...

You were such a cutie, all dressed up. I got my tree up and most of my ornaments on, I have to tell you how much I love the birds and angel you sent me. Those 3 are at the top of my tree. I just adore them. Thank you so much.

Holee said...

You girls are welcome. I have to tell you I like the dolls but am trying something new with them. I am going to try cutting an egg shaped foam ball in half and see if I like them a little "fat" instead of flat.

I might get them they way I want by next Christmas!

everythingquilts said...

Don't you just love fat babies, makes you want to squeeze them. How are you coming along on the mini quilt? I've done a couple practice blocks. They turned out really good, I'm just hoping that Gina likes it.