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Monday, March 21, 2016

Sometimes you need to be naughty!

I've been dealing with 15 radiation treatments this past month. It was a lot harder then I expected it to be. The burns and blisters are just now leaving and finally I am able to stay awake for most of the day.

I needed something to do sitting down so I started working on ripping out the stitches of one of the last quilts I will be making. I don't know why I used dark purple to quilt it with but it's not for me! I've been snipping the back and snipping the front and picking the stitches out with a tweezers for weeks. It finally got to me today! I felt like ripping the quilt up and throwing it as far as my weak arms could manage.

Instead I put it aside for now. I only have 6 more blocks to do so maybe next week I can handle it again. I'll use white or a pastel to quilt it with this time. I looked at my friends quilt that she did with dark orange and I like it. I just didn't like mine.

It just put me in a rare mood that I wanted to do something naughty or not so I turned to the train platform to help out my naughty artistic feelings.  I started with a waterfall and lots of foam like waterfalls produce. Then I picked out several 2 inch people, sanded their clothing off and dabbed them with a little paint...he he he....naughty, naughty....I'm sure this has put me on Santa's list! But the people look like they are having the hot springs in Colo. that I used to enjoy when I lived there.  I need to add one more person laying on the rocks.  Mr. Man is wearing a brown bathing suit. I should have made it blue or green and maybe I'll do that if my hands are steady enough. My naughty people make me laugh!


Rhonda said...

Hi Holee. You are always on my mind and in my prayers. Your blogging buddy from Texas!!!

Rita said...

I commented yesterday but it didn't go through. Probably "my bad." Unsure what I did. Have a good day. Hope it is sunny like it is here.