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Friday, March 8, 2013

Living in an 1800's house

I don't mind all the add on's like the not so perfect 4x8 kitchen/laundry room or the bathroom with the slanted floor. I can live with those. I love the old door hinges and thinking about the people who lived here over the years, the long dresses that went through the doorways, the struggle to get through the winter with only boards between you and the outside.

What I do hate is the 10 foot ceilings! The windows that go from my knee to the ceiling. The shades that slip out of my hands and flap around the roller and getting out the tall ladder to pull them back down. I remember having shade pulls when I was a kid and even found some on line for just under $10. for ONE! wow, talk about profit!

 So in between all the other things in life I was able to find plastic rings and with a 50 % off coupon and some suitable yarn for just about $4.00. Downstairs has only 5 of the original long windows. Up stairs has 8 foot ceilings and short windows. It won't take long to make the 5 pulls but then I have to figure out how to attach them. I remember a metal ringed hole but with plastic blinds I don't know how to manage that. The holes may be more of a problem then the rest of the project!

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Rita said...

These are exactly what I remember seeing in my grandmother's older apartment (house turned into two what was then called apartments). These are so nice. They were also in a farm house I lived in. I may need to ask you how to make these because they look so pretty at the window.