Bee's Hive

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Some order at last....

By the end of today I expect to have a table up and a machine actually plugged in!  The china closet made it's way up the 2 sets of stairs and has new paint and new hardware. All those containers on the bookcase need going through but for now they found a home.

I don't have the bed set up yet. That will serve as a place for one guest. There are still pieces of furniture sitting downstairs that need to come up, maybe today.

Thank you Gina from South Wales for the lovely quilt. I so miss your blog so if you are back on please let me know. I miss all your stories about Gema and  your beautiful garden.

I've enjoyed hanging up some of my quilts. Lois, if you are reading this, your quilts are still my favorite mini's! To everyone else, know I treasure them all. Each says something different to me.


shawkl said...

Everything looks so nice. The cabinet turned out beautifully!

tisme said...

Love how it is looking! Steve and I are coming to Lancaster next month for a few days visiting the quilt show and doing some sightseeing. Would you like to have lunch or something? Would love to see you! Send me an email if it would be possible.

Sherry said...

Love the cabinet for the quilts! DH said he would make me a quilt cabinet...fingers crossed!

The room is coming together very nicely! The wagon!!! My mother gave me the goat cart that Daddy picked up on one of her buying trips when she was dealing antiques. I protested because the only place I had for it was on my screen porch...suited her just fine. I put a big saucer in it and had ivy growing in it for a few years. Now it holds overflow seat cushions for the outside patio furniture. Wish I had room for it in the house!