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Sunday, March 10, 2013

A full day of work

Finally I am about 80% finished the sewing room. I can sew, but still have a lot of sorting to do. We did get the bed together so at least I have a place for an extra person to sleep. One cabinet needs the doors put on and one wall has nothing on it. But the space is now usable.

 Next I filled the suet feeder with nest building materials.

By the afternoon they had it pretty well pulled apart.

 Next my son Dave worked on his train platform and the Purple Martin house. Our house is not the usual round country house. It's more like a New York brownstone with a tree on the sidewalk. He's adding some new apartments and a new bottom.

 First he had to clean out the old nests.

 They'll have 4 new apartments on the back side.

The weather was beautiful. It felt good to hear the birds singing and see the flowers starting to grow.

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tisme said...

The sewing room is looking so nice!
Bet you will be happy up there this summer, sewing away.
I am so glad that spring is almost here.