Bee's Hive

Monday, February 4, 2013

Slowly making some progress

It's slow going with all the painting of used furniture I'm doing but slowly it's getting done one coat of paint at a time. The largest piece is the China Closet that needs sanding but the weather is holding that project up. I did get the drawer and door to it painted today.

I did some thrift shop hunting and found some nice shelves and containers for Jars of buttons and such. In the middle of all this painting I did manage to put up a shelf for my violets that needed some sunshine badly.

In the attic I have things sorted and ready to give them homes in the furniture.

I also managed to find a cute microwave dish to turn into a hanging bird bath. All I need is more chain and some S hooks. So progress is being made. Maybe next week I can put up the tables and open the sewing machines.


shawkl said...

Wow, you are getting a lot done! I'm amazed at how active you are with your RA...and here I sit, tired and ready to go to bed already...even though I've gotten nothing really accomplished today! Way to go GF!

elsie123 said...

You've been busy! And I love that you have an attic. I imagine the views are a little bird watching the world.