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Monday, August 8, 2011

At Last the medicine arrived!

Friday morning I couldn't take it anymore so I called the insurance company again. I explained to them that I was suppose to refill my medicine on July 18th at a cost of $3000.00 to them. I thought I was doing the right thing by not filling it because I knew on July 21st I would be changing medicine. I thought it was cost effect for Medicare and for them. I thought I was doing the responsible thing knowing almost all of the medicine would end up dumped. Even though it wasn't working well, it was keeping me out of some pain but now since I was being put off on the new drug I had no back up medicine at all. The girl on the other end listened. She checked the computer and saw that I had not refilled my meds in mid July. Saturday morning I got a special delivery shipped.

The medicine is shipped in a huge box because it must be kept cold and kept from freezing at the same time.

Here it is, two little pens filled with what might be magical for me, or not. These 2 pre filled pens will cover 28 days and by then we should know if it's working.

This sheet is filled with the smallest print I've ever seen. It starts out "Things you should know about Humira before starting it." This sheet is filled on both sides. I'd need a very stong magnifying glass to read it and since I have no choice, maybe I'm better off not being able to read it.

This sheet is also printed on both sides. It's directions on how to inject the medicine. Since I've been using the regular old fashioned needle this was a help. I used the photo's to direct me because again the print was so very tiny.

You would think they had said everything there is to say about the product but they managed to add a booklet with 15 pages of more directions and warnings. 

This is Dave's weekend off so I was glad to have him home when I took the first shot. Sometimes things go wrong with a new med, like not being able to breath, and I didn't want to be alone when I took it for the first time. We had so much to do this weekend. Food shopping was first on the list but I took the shot and waited. It did make me a little dizzy and sick in the stomach but after an hour or so I felt fine. We got done what we could and even managed to buy a new larger bed for me. I have no idea what made me think I could sleep in a single bed with six pillows to support my limbs. With the house being so small I just thought at the time the smaller the better. I have suffered with the width of this bed for a was time to get a bigger one!

Tonight I am having a major flare up in my shoulders. I hope it's a sign of the meds and the disease having a war and not a sign that it's not going to work. Only time will tell that, so it's a wait and see for now.

Since I can't sleep, I'm going to make some Minestrone Soup with a recipe from back home in Philadelphia...It comes from an old neighbor from Italy and it's super good. If I get the stock done tonight, it'll be easy to finish it tomorrow. Today we found an HEB grocery store that carries Italian cheese rinds and slow aged Prosciutto so it should taste like home.


Rita said...

I'm so thankful your medication has come. Now, if it will just work well for you, you'll feel better and be able to do some of the things you've wanted to do. Making soup when you could not sleep was a real good idea. Still praying for many of the prayers you need answered. Especially, medication to come on time and to work real well.

tisme said...

I am so glad you finally got your meds, at last someone listened to you! I will be praying you get some relief. Justin used pens to get his insulin before he got his pump, he loved the ease of using the pens.
I forgot to tell you that I love your Halloween runner too.

Darlene's Quilts and Stuff said...

So happy to hear your meds are there. You can go online to read about the Humira and it won't be too hard to read you could even print out what you need to know. Good luck