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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Roolens Scrappy Flower Quilt

I almost forgot what I've been spending  lot of time on. I need a gift quilt for the spring. Our Russian friend, roolen,, posted a photo on HGTV of her Scrappy Flower Quilt. I think it's just perfect for the person I need a quilt for. Roolen was kind enough to allow me to copy her pattern.

roolens Scrappy Flower Quilt

I took all the fabric's for the blocks from my scrap bin. Now to find a nice fabric to finish it. Thanks so much roolen!

Scrappy blocks


Rhonda said...

What a beautiful design....your quilt is really shaping up!!!

shawkl said...

That is really coming together nicely. I love the colors, and it DOES look like spring!


Shogun said...

That is so pretty, and you know I love scrappy quilts. They really do look just like flowers.