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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Birthday Cake

My Dad's birthday was November 1st. He loved to cook & bake. On Halloween he always made his own birthday cake. After hitting the street and filling our pillow cases with goodies we all headed for the kitchen table to sing Happy Birthday, have a piece of his favorite Pound Cake and apple juice.

Today I baked his pound cake in his tube pan from long ago. It rose to the top just like I remembered. We are looking forward to having a piece in his honor after the kids are done knocking on the door.

Joe's Pound Cake

1 cup crisco
1 lb. 10X sugar
4 eggs
3 Cups sifted cake flour
1/4 tsp. salt
2 tsp. baking powder
1 cup milk
3 tsp. vanilla
Cream crisco & sugar..add dry & wet ingredients alternately. Add vanilla. Bake 350 for about an hour to an hour and a 1/4.



shawkl said...

I can see you Dad in Dave! The cake looks great! Wish I was there to help you eat it up!

Tomorrow is Aidan's birthday, and she is so excited!

I'm having a huge 7-day of free drawings on my blog starting tomorrow, so check it out then and enter.

Big hugs!


Darlene's Quilts and Stuff said...

The cake looks so good I can almost smell it. Happy birthday Joe

Shogun said...

Awesome photo of your dad!!

The 'item' that has been missing, is still missing. Just thought I'd mention.

Love all the photos and things you have made.