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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Finished my last Pollyanna gift

When you are no longer 25 and skinny, clothing designers give you serviceable clothing. I wonder if they think older, heavy women are no longer women. I wanted my Pollyanna to have one very pretty gift, soft and pink. I found a pattern for a victorian bed jacket, but the largest size was XLarge, about 3 sizes too small.

I bought the pattern and found a blouse in the right size at good will. After taking the blouse apart I was able to increase the size of the pattern by using the blouse as a guide.

I started sewing in my teens making clothing but lately after getting a serger, for myself, I just ran clothing items through the serger and whatever I ended up with was okay. For this project I went back to the basic sewing lessons I learned a long time ago.

I guess it's like riding a bike. As I worked with the pattern the old rules just came back to me. I am very happy with the end results. Since my Pollyanna does a lot of traveling I hope this is something she will use. It's just nice to have something to put over your nightie without filling your suit case up with a bulky robe. Bed jackets are also nice just for those chilly mornings when you are having your coffee or when sitting and watching a movie in the evening.  Now why don't they have store bought clothing that is pretty for us older gals?  If I had found anything close to this I would have bought it, but what I found was ugly fleece that you could use for a fishing trip!

The fabric's are cut chenelle and flannel lined satin. I made the collar without lace so it's not picky.


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tisme said...

wow, very pretty and feminine, I know she will love it!

elsie123 said...

Perfect, Bea! She'll love it.

Shogun said...

That is so pretty and so soft looking.