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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Really quick up date

It's been a busy time. We are just about packed up, only one more yard sale Thursday thru Saturday. I hope everything goes quick and we don't have to do the weekend.

We rented a house and signed the lease! Funny thing on the lease. Here in Pennsylvania we work at keeping the water running away from the house foundation. Not in Texas. I had to call the property manager and ask what the lease meant when it said we agree to "water the foundation" It seems the earth gets so dried out it can move the foundation so once a week we need to water it! Now that's HOT!

We'll be packing up the truck on June 2nd and pulling out of here on the 3rd. For the past 5 years I've just about stopped driving. Since I'll be driving the pick up truck and pulling a trailer, that meant driving around the property to get back into the swing of driving again!

I'll stop back before we shut down the computers and let you all know if we are on time with our plans!


everythingquilts said...

Hoping you have a safe trip and all goes well with your move.

Rhonda said...

Oh you are going to have a wonderful drive to's wishing you a safe trip!

Sherry said...

Welcome to Texas! LOL Several people fail to do this and have cracks in the mortar between the bricks on their homes. All they have to do is..water once a week and the cracks close up.

Wait until you see the ground so "parched" that it cracks and opens up. You could lose a fair-sized chihuahua in some of them. ;o)

tisme said...

Will be praying that all goes well!
Have a safe trip, and call me when you get there.

Rita said...

Thank you, Thank you! Sure appreciate you letting us know how things are going for you. I wish you a joy filled and uneventful trip. Take a few pictures and just think your home is already leased and waiting for you. No fixing up! Yeah! I've never heard of watering the foundation so if you keep that done the rest will hopefully let you REST! :)

elsie123 said...

It's not unusual to have soaker hoses for watering the foundation. Drive careful coming to Texas. You're going to like it here!

Lois said...

I wish you well as you travel and that it will be "smooth sailing" for you. Post as soon as you can as you are important to us.