Bee's Hive

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The count down

We did the yard sale for 2 days. I only have two items that I really wanted to sell, but looks like they'll be coming with us and we'll sell them in Texas. The plans may change a little although I will post my last up date on Wednesday before the computer is shut down.

I never saw such a mess that Dave's Former company got themself into. Now that they laid off all the engineers they can't fix any of the problems. They called Dave back to work last week. They were a bit shocked to find out he is leaving the state. He thought he would be able to get the design up and running for them in a week but they didn't have the entire information from the company they are doing the job for. We'll see what happens Tuesday.

We are ready! I'll be here looking at my travel bag waiting for him to finish up!


tisme said...

I will be praying all goes well, and you get to Texas safe and sound.

shawkl said...

Just you two be safe! If you can't get to a computer, please call someone to let us know you have arrived safe and sound...ya know we worry over ya!

Big Bear Hugs!