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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The Fall quiltie's arrived!

Made by OwenJulesmommy for Turtle9

Made by Turtle9 for OwenJulesmommy

Made by Bingo Bonnie for crazy-boutquilts

Made by crazy'boutquilts for BingoBonnie

Made by Tisme for LadyJ66

Made by LadyJ66 for Tisme

Made by Kuluni for I can make it

Made by I can make it for Kuluni

Made by abxKris for qltnrules

Made by qltnrules for abxkris

Made by Uplandcraftmom for Kimberlin

Made by Kimberlin for Uplandcraftmom

Made by OwenJulesMommy for Nickilee

Made by Nickilee for OwenJulesMommy

Made by Shey for Kentucky_Sunshine

Made by Kentucky_Sunshine for Shey

By Susarina for Talia

Made by Talia for Susarina

Made by MyJack for Missmikol

Made by Missmikol for MyJack

Made by AngelC for bluesnail

Made by bluesnail for AngelaC

Made by Everythingquilts for expatquilter

Made by expatquilter for Everythingquilts

Made by Gonesewin for Shawkl

Made by Shawkl for Gonesewin

Made by Holee for Dabado

Made by Dabado for Holee

Made by Quiltynurse for Holee

Made by Holee for Quiltynurse


Shogun said...

I really like that quilt - it is very interesting! Great job! Can't wait to see more of them.

Shogun said...

I see you have posted more and they are great - love the variety and it sure feels like fall as you scroll through so many.

bingo~bonnie said...

these all look so great! I've shared the link to this post over on my blog... today is the day that the fall mini I made for crazy'boutquilts is due to arrive (according to the Fed-ed tracking number) ;)

and I can't wait!!! Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Myra said...

Awesome mini quilts!!! Great job everyone! 8-)

Shogun said...

Taking another look and these are amazing.