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Monday, September 14, 2009

Dear Sweet Rita...

It's really nice to have someone think about me and my daily life...seems so boring to me. I didn't post this past weekend because I was just too exhausted!

This was our last weekend to work on the house. We will be moving this Saturday. Last minute we decided to take out the wall in the room I was suppose to use as a bedroom. It didn't go like we had planned! Under the 1970 paneling and the 1930 plaster board we ran into the original deviding wall from the hotel rooms. The lathe was nailed in with hand cut nails. We don't toss things like this's like a treasure hunt. It was 10 at night on Sunday when we finally finished pulling all the nails from the lathe.

That left us with a room full of plaster, wood, paneling, several layers of baseboards & no electric...and no time to finish. I will be sleeping in the room we are going to use for a living room until we get the mess cleaned up. I will take photo's this weekend.

Right now we have a sink, john and old tub with running water. Two clean rooms upstairs & an almost finished handicapped deck & ramp. Most of all we have all new pipes and drains! Cooking will be done in one corner downstairs. No stove so it will be crock pot, roasting oven, microwave and electric frying pan. I will miss cooking most of all. I really enjoy cooking and baking.

I'm not sure if this has been good or bad for me. I was so tired I had the chills but after sleeping I felt good, and that is not usual. I really think hard work, being busy and interested in what you are doing is good for everyone. I think I should have had a 6 pm cut off time and I wouldn't have gotten so sick.

So, as soon as we get the computers up and running I should have some photo's of our awful move and the mess we are in! Thanks so much for being interested!


elsie123 said...

I agree with Rita that you have an interesting life. I don't know how debilitating your RA is, other than the need for the wheelchair. I'm impressed with all you do, and how giving you are. While technically you're disabled, in so many ways you are one of the most "do-abled" people I've come across. Always glad to see a new posting, whatever the topic!

Shogun said...

I can't wait to see the photos and the progress. It will help me to imagine this whole moving project better. The old nails and old building materials sound so interesting.