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Thursday, August 7, 2008

When things aren't right....leave

Tomorrow I'll start a new adventure. I am hoping this one will find us situated in a more friendly place. When we first arrive in this small mountain town they called us the "carpet baggers". It made me laugh, but I soon found out that not being of the same blood line meant you were OUT!

Strange, going into the year 2009 and there are still places like this. I can't miss the people since none ever ventured to my door, and I won't miss the dogs that bark all night, or the "junk yard" created by our neighbors over the years in their yard. Now the boys "next door" can roll out the barrel, run through my flower gardens with their trucks, knock down fences and strew cases of beer cans all over to be picked up Sunday mornings by whomever lives under my roof in the future.

I will miss my dream of small town America. I hope this experience hasn't ruined the vision I have about what small towns are like. Maybe this town is just too far gone, too poor and without hope.

Our new move is only a temporary fix to see us through the winter. I'm looking forward to spring and where our next adventure will take us. Right about now, after this experience, I would go for a flat in New York City where there is life and noise and people all around. I think I've learned a lesson here. Mountains, trees and wild animals are neat to view, but life is centered around people and without them it gets pretty boring!

I'll leave you all to enjoy looking at all the wonderful quilt blocks until I have internet connection again on Wednesday. Tomorrow the shine will shine and it will be a new day!


Penny said...

Good luck with your new adventure! I bet it turns out well.

jessicasews said...

Wishing you a happy landing!

We'll be looking for you
next week - have a safe move.

~ Jes

elsie123 said...

You have to listen to your heart, and if your heart is telling you to find a new home, then that's what you do. Enjoy your new surroundings, and all it may bring.