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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Boxes, boxes and more boxes! Just something that comes with a move. We moved from Mountain Country to Mountain least this is called a City. Nothing like New York or Philly, but they do have paid policemen & firemen and that counts as City!

Looking out the back door I see a river, common in Western Pa., lots of water. Across the river is a work train that passes once a day, backed by the mountains. Wild flowers grow on the banks of the river and humming birds hover in the flowers getting the days sweets. City? Well, yes and no...just look down the driveway from the rear of the house to the front...What a Change!

And then, looking out the front drive is the back of the City Court House, Police Station, & Fire Station. I did say I wanted to be with people and here I will certainly find just that!

I haven't made it away from the house yet, but I am told that not far away I'll find a neat coffee shop, craft shop and a real grocery store! Haven't seen a grocery store for 3 years, a real one with a deli and meat department! What a boost up from eating the garbage sold at Wal-Mart. Moving only 20 miles has made a difference. Of course we are now 20 miles closer to Erie, Pa., the lake storms and bad winters. I don't know how my health will take all this water flowing past the house but time will tell. I sure could enjoy the feel of warm sand between my toes!
I should have boxes sorted and supplies bought by Monday and then I can start back on the quilt project. The boxes can wait, some have been packed since the last move 3 years ago! But, I am here, internet, phone & TV are on and in today's world, that seems to be the important things when you make a move.


Penny said...

So happy for you! Looks like you are in a great spot with the best of both worlds.

Leslie Kamm said...

Thanks for those links, Hollee! And your new home looks wonderful!

jessicasews said...

Your new home looks wonderful and such pretty surroundings too!

Enjoy your new "sewing area"!

~ Jes