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Friday, August 22, 2008

Purple doors...

Eight years ago I bid on a lot at an auction and with it I got PURPLE cabinet doors. Now what do you do with purple doors? I made a doll house with them for my then, 2 year old grandddaughter. It was so heavy I had to add wheels so she could turn it around to play.

Granddaughter is now into Hannah Montana so today the doll house arrived at my door, well worn out, missing window trim, windows, rugs, furniture and even the people are gone. I was surprised when I put in batteries that the lights still worked.

I just can't let it go...I have to give it new life and find another little girl who will spend hours playing with it. Soooooo, with my moving mess, mass of dolls & quilt project, now I have a house to re-do. If you ever come across some ugly doors, just jump right in and make a doll house!

1 comment:

elsie123 said...

Ah, a woman after my own heart. Make something from "nothing"!

You'll find another little girl who will just love this treasure. Quality lasts!