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Friday, July 15, 2016


It's time to let you see some of my vacation. Unfortunately we both came home sick. My son is finally getting better but I'm having trouble this time pulling myself back on my feet. This vacation was GREAT! We could have stayed much longer just to do things we missed and to walk around the Hotel and enjoy it's beauty.

I'll start here......greeted by this fellow
Arriving at the Taj Mahal this was our first site of it

The Lobby...oh my, I can't tell you how beautiful it was. Flowers and glass chandeliers, big and bold and making good use of the colors of and orange. The lobby was like standing in line at a large airport.

 Marble everywhere...walls, floors tables all in beautiful colors.

We'll stop here today. I'm hoping for a serge of strength in the next few days.

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O'Quilts said...

You deserve to go to a fancy Taj Mahal...OMG...It is beautiful...Get better...hurry...You hate it, I hate it...we all hate that you are sick.
Thx for the pictures my friend!!!!