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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The reason for the vacation

Of course there was the usual rides and games on the boardwalk

The famous Steel Pier. The Pier use to go out in the Ocean much farther but over time the many storms, a fire and age took it down. Today it's lost it's luster, a few rides and games is about it.
But in it's day...a bathing beauty sat upon a horse on a tall platform and dove into a pool of water.

I did get to buy and eat Salt Water Taffy made by the original candy company, still in business and still sending it's candy all over the world as a sign says displayed among the candy boxes.

 All of this is man made and not the reason I told my son I wanted to go to the ocean. The waves, sand and looking out and not being able to see where the ocean starts and ends. Running my feet through the sand and watching the tiny clams dig themselves back into the wet sand. The wonder of how we got here and where I'm going.......


O'Quilts said...

awwww These pix made me see your toes in the water...OMG JUst great

m. said...

Wonderful pictures. And so thought provoking. Though I've not been to that beach, I imagine that, like the ones I've visited, the relentless coming and going of the waves, the vastness (as you said, not being able to see where the ocean begins and ends), serves to remind me of my place in the universe. I find comfort in knowing that "somebody bigger" "has the whole world in His hands".