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Monday, February 16, 2015

Making the best of it......

because I'm alive and that's what counts!  Since spending 3 weeks in the hospitals I've improved a little. Sorting out the right medicines helped and just gaining back some strength.

I managed to make Dave a nice dinner and cake on Feb. 11th for his birthday without passing out so that's good. Today I went shopping. Thanks to all the stores for having scooters I am still able to do my own shopping again.

I am working on a wool cabin quilt for Dave. He has one he loves so I decided it is already 10 years old and has been pretty much abused and washed often so I want to make one and put it in one of those bags you suck the air out of so he will always have a quilt from Mom that he loves. Today we stopped at Goodwill because I am a row short. These quilts are made out of 100% wool skirts and ladies slacks. For some reason Dave gets a real kick out of having all these skirts covering him.

I was able to get 4 nice pieces. One still has the price tag on it. It makes me wonder why someone would buy expensive slacks and never wear them.

Tomorrow I am headed to Philadelphia to meet with the oncologist at the Cancer Hospital. This will help me to decide what to do. I still don't have the facts. This doctor holds the key to where we stand.

Some of you have sent me mail and links to watch. I haven't gotten to them yet. For whatever reason I just can't get my mind to stand still long enough to read. I'm hoping after seeing this doctor I can settle down some.

Thanks Rita for asking me to post or I might have left it go again. Give me a few days to talk this visit over with Dave and then I'll try to post again and let you know where I stand with it.


shawkl said...

So nice to read your note Bea. Hoping for a good visit tomorrow, and answers to your questions. It's rainy and yucky today...sinus is not happy. Hope to cal soon when I feel more like talking. Hugs,

Rita said...

I can only think your news was not very good. I pray that as the weather warms up toward Spring you will feel better. Maybe you are waiting for news about your health. Take care.