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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Maybe some of you can help this beautiful child

I'm going to put this on my blog because with all the medical problems I have, I know how important research and experimental trails are. They are asking each person who has already given to the fund to ask 3 people to give $22.00 to make the goal for this medicine.

I thought if 6 friends would give $10.00 I would be doing my share by asking and of course I'll be giving my $22.00....the price of a meal at Olive Garden.  No big companies have stepped in to's not a sure thing and this child could be lost anyway so there might not be any big flag waving for a company to cash in on.....but it's her only chance and a chance for the 2000 other children world wide who get this every year. So far the donations that have come in have mostly been $10.00 to $50.00 but they have raised 1 million to get this started. They need the rest, another million or so, by October.

Read her story. Time is running out. within the next year she could stop talking and walking and even worse effects of the disease will come with that. It would be nice for some of the quilting ladies to donate the price of just one yard of fabric. This could be your daughter, or granddaughter or neighbor....we just never know what will come knocking at our door.

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