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Friday, June 13, 2014

I'm so lost today

I can't get my mind on anything but the question, "What happened"?  The very last posting my granddaughter made on March 31st to Face Book said, "Different isn't Wrong".  That might say a lot if we try to understand it. It might be a clue to her suffering.

I've decided I need to work through this since no one can see her right now. I asked my friends on HGTV for blocks in any size but they have to be brights. I have no brights at all. Brights are just not my thing. I think making her a quilt will help me until she can have visitors. I'll leave spaces so family and friends can sign it and write her a message. The last quilt I made for her was Sun Bonnet Sue so it's time to replace that one anyway.

                                                                     Happier Days


Debby said...

Holee I would be happy to send you some bright fabric!! send me an e-mail with your address

JessicaSews said...

Dear Bea,
Joining in prayers and hoping for her full recovery.
~ Jes