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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fooling around with old fabric

I have stacks of fabric pieces that are both old and tired. I put them in stacks so I could see just what I have and if I wanted to work with them or just send them to the trash. The first stack is fall colors, ends cut off of other projects and smaller scraps. I saw these pot holders on Pinterest but I have a huge pile of newly made pot holders so I decided to try and work them into a table runner.

I left them sit for a week. They are nice bright fall colors but brights are not my thing. I just can't work with them. I had backed them with browns so I turned them over and added some gentle color with other fall veggies. I'll need to add some pumpkin flowers and acorns and then decide if it's worth hand stitching them.

The weather is finally starting to change. The snow of last week has turned into rain this week but it's still chilly. I'm getting a very sad feeling since I won't have a garden or flowers this year. We will be looking for a permanent place to live now that my son is happily working on the base at Fort Indiantown Gap.

They picked the right person for this position. Dave spent his lunchtime yesterday outside watching the helicopter's coming in and out for training. He loves looking out the window and seeing retired planes and tanks sitting around the base. His ID that he wears around his neck was taken with the flag behind him, much like his formal photo's from his time in the Navy.

While I ponder my fall project I'll be looking out the window watching for signs of Spring!

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shawkl said...

Oh, I think the fall project will be just perfect! It already made me think of Thanksgiving!

So happy for Dave and hope y'all find a good home soon. If a garden spot is not in the plan...maybe some pots? It's a wonder what just a single tomato plant can do! Or a tomato and a pepper both! Hey, might as well go crazy!