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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


This has been such a hard week for me. My left hand does not like the cold. I've had to pry open the fingers each morning and then it was still pretty useless.

Here's a look at what we have been dealing with:

To top off the week this is on the way tomorrow night. We live in the pretty blue area that says Blizzard.

Inside I am still enjoying my Amaryllis. The last one is in full bloom. It has no leaves but it has 2 stems. One stem has 4 flowers and the other has 3. I can't believe I grew this gorgeous flower from Walmart's trash can!

With the sun shining against the backs of the flowers you can see the yellow in the petals.

I've been putting a puzzle together this week. The more I looked at the quilt the cats are laying on the more I liked it. It's just plain, no forced pattern or block designs and no heavy quilting that makes the softness look stiff and hard.  I have a lot of short cuts of fabric's. Not a scrap or a fat quarter, just ends or pieces and some of it I've had for a long time.

Today I pulled them out and ironed them. Since the puzzle is done now I'll be cutting blocks tomorrow. This might be a good way to get use to the new machine with just a lot of piecing.

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tisme said...

Good idea, do simple piecing while you learn the machine, can't wait to see what you do.