Bee's Hive

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Moving along

Some progress on the puzzle quilt. I used the new machine to add the button hole stitch to the border. I might go over it with embroidery thread to make it sharper. This quilt ended up being a little larger then Queen size. I just had so much ends and pieces that before I new it I had added extra rows. That's okay with me except it will make quilting harder.

I think this is going to be a pretty nice quilt made from ends and pieces. I did have to do some piecing to make the border but after it's quilted it won't be noticed. I have to buy a roll of batting before I can do anymore to this quilt. I do need to make some kitchen items since that box hasn't turned up yet and I'm tired of grabbing a towel to remove hot pans from the oven.


Debby said...

go you!! You will have that new machine figured out before you know it

tisme said...

I really like your fabrics, wow queen size, you did have a lot of Enders. Lol