Bee's Hive

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Just a few words on my new machine

I am not a computer person. I was afraid of this machine from the beginning. Today I decided to sit down and try to use it. I hate that it "thinks" for me. I hate the up down needle thingy. It's always in the wrong position. There are too many controls, buttons and the beeping is driving me crazy.

Stay tuned...I'm hoping this old lady who is set in her ways can adjust.


shawkl said...

You'll get in the groove before you know it! I miss my old machine with those beeps and things.

But mine does still have the needle down position...and I like it especially for curves when I tell it to keep the needle down. Otherwise, I just keep the needleup on and it's not as much of a bother.



Barbara said...

Although I don't have one of those fancy machines, maybe it will grow on you. Keep trying!