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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Tree

Since we won't be having a tree this year I'll have to be satisfied looking at the picture of the State Tree at the Capital...paid for by Pennsylvania citizens so I guess I can call it my tree!

The weather is not being nice to us. It snowed 6 inches here, this weekend it's calling for ice on Saturday and more snow the following week and weekend.

We have an entire garage and potting shed to move to a storage and then the house. This isn't going to be an easy move but once moved, I'm going to enjoy the new kitchen with all the counters and counter space!

This may seem like a strange move for us. We'll be living in a fancy brand new condo on the very edge of Lancaster county. It has a gym and a pool. It's not so restricted though, seems like many like the birds and planting flowers since I've seen some feeders and trellis's. This may have been farmland because there is an old barn and silo right out our back door that doesn't seem to have a house to go with it. I'm guessing this developer owns it now. Our condo is in the rear. We picked it for privacy. It overlooks the mountains. This is the 3rd section that is finished and the building continues.

This was not a planned move. I am in trouble with stairs so it became an emergency to move. I'm sort of spoiled from living in Texas where everything was new and on one floor. Here in Lancaster there are way too many houses that are Victorian and should be taken down, not rented. When I was healthy I didn't see it that way. I thought all the old was beautiful. Now of course it will be nice to have gas heat in a well insulated building, new window's, granite kitchen...all the things that make my life much easier. 

If we ever get ourselves settled at where we want to be we will buy a nice one story home. Right now I feel like a carpet bagger, still looking for our slot in life. 

Today I made Christmas Candy. I want to start baking cookies but don't know if I should pack everything up in the kitchen and bake at the new place or if the weather will keep us from moving. I know when we ring in the New Year we'll be somewhat settled in and starting fresh will make sense.  

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Ira Kharchenko said...

Amazing decoration! So pretty:)