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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Another Fabric pick and moving

This move is getting hard. I'm trying to bake up a holiday and pack at the same time! Now we are having weather issues with ice. My son says we'll never move in winter again!

I picked another rose fabric for my bed quilt. Roses in bunches are not the easiest fabric's to find.

I'd sure like to find another 6 to 8 more that I like so I have choices when I start to cut. I'll most likely have to visit some fabric shops here in Lancaster to find some. Right now there is no time for sewing shopping.

Tomorrow we'll empty the last things in the attic sewing room. It's getting pretty crowded in the living room and garage but bringing everything possible to the first floor is a must. Moving day is exhausting enough without carrying things down two flights of steps. Besides, there are some delicate items I just don't want anyone to move. Those I'll move myself.

Hope everyone is getting their Holiday together and not suffering too much with the bad weather!

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elsie123 said...

This is miserable weather to have to deal with moving. When's the big day? Take it easy, and I'm glad you're breaking it down to manageable steps.