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Monday, October 7, 2013

Only one left to make...but here is what I've been doing

I hope to get the last outfit done tomorrow morning before I pack up to go to Pittsburgh. I have looked at hundreds of collections on line but have not seen any that I would consider a "Royal Collection". I am sad that I was only able to finish 2 of the cutout outfits from this collection...but they will come later.

First I finished the fur coat..and the earflap hat. The coat is reversible so I made a different hat to go with it.

 I also crocheted a metallic scarf out of a silky string.

I wanted to make a Christmas dress. After going through my stash I found that I no longer had any red and white striped fabric or any holiday fabric with small print. So this might be considered a winter dress..The blue skirt is actually an apron.

For the Royal collection I was inspired by these photo's

So this is what I came up with...the dress
The coat
And the "Fasinater"

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