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Monday, March 19, 2012

Fresh ground meat....Review

The first thing I noticed was the color of the raw meat, something I remember from Philly when we went to the butcher shop and he ground it in front of you. There was no red liquid running all over. I made a small burger just to see if it tasted different.

I didn't have any "gunk" oozing out of the burger as I fried it. The meat was flaky and tasted GOOD, instead of the rubbery meat we have been eating for who knows how long.  Yes, I see a big difference!

Today is Dave's last dental appointment. We will go shopping for more meat to grind today. I have a vac sealer which is great. The meat doesn't get freezer burn. I'm going to grind packages of one pound and burgers. If I can get organic veal and pork, I'll make up meatballs. It feels great knowing we won't have any Pink Slime in our house!

Sherry, I have that mixer but if you read the reviews on Amazon, that grinder has a problem. The gears shed metal shavings sending gray stuff into the meat. Those who have complained to kitchenaid were told it's safe to eat. After I read the reviews, what stuck in my mind was a mother who said she just didn't want to feed her family metal shavings.

When I lived in Lancaster I had a hand grinder and loved it. Now, with my hands always ready to stop working, it wouldn't be a good idea to use one. But they do work great! This electric grinder surprised me. I never expected it to grind the meat cubes in seconds. It was a little expensive, but Dave and I shared the cost. It will pay for its self in the end. By buying a large piece of meat we figured it cost $3.79 a pound compared to $4.59 for extra lean already ground with pink slime. The directions did say you can use stale bread to clear the grinder but I had no trouble cleaning it without the bread. It came with a recipe book. You can also grind vegetables, fruits and also make sausage.


Rita said...

This is great news! I know coming up I will do the same. I'm so thankful for the information. I always spend money on good meat. If I could not have good meat I'd rather not eat it. We keep our portion size small. Our chicken is Amish raised and I can tell a big difference in the taste.

Sherry said...

I wouldn't want to feed my family metal either! Since I can get fresh ground all real meat I don't need a grinder attachment.

"Safe to eat" huh?! I would not be happy!