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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Old Project

Well I did it. I cracked my bad hip on Friday 13th just by rolling over in bed. It will heal if I stay off my feet. Pretty boring without a project and the next chicken block is 2 weeks away. I remembered putting a bag of yarn in my closet to drop off at goodwill. I pulled it out of the closet and dumped it on the bed. To my surprise it was not just yarn but an old project!

In 1994 my youngest son came home from the Marine's and bought an old truck with a not so good heater. He asked me to make him a heavy afghan to toss in the truck in case he needed it. I remember our shopping trip. I tried to lead him to a lighter color but he picked a dark blue...hard to work on.

I had it half way made...over 40 rows. I don't know why it ended being put in a bag and forgotten. I wonder if he'll remember it when it arrives in the mail...this time I will finish it!


Rita said...

What a nice way to spend an unpleasant time in bed. Now it looks fresh and new not like an old project. Take care and keep getting better.

shawkl said...

Oh...I'm so sorry that you are down. But, I'm happy that you found a project to keep your mind busy. I would be going nuts if I had my stuff packed up and couldn't do something with my hands! Gosh, I hope ya'll can get the heck moved soon!

Sherry said...

Ouch! Glad you found the UFO. If we lived closer, I'd bring you one or two of mine. ;-)